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Supporting label distributors with any label and ribbon requirements. Protecting and securing label business for over 20 years


Going above and beyond to meet you and your customer's requirements. Dedicated to solving your customer's challenges.


Experience, knowledge, support, results. We are here to provide you the total label printing support from blank to printed high quality products.

Labels for Resellers

A trustworthy partner for label distributors and value added resellers, Flash4 has the equipment and resources to provide you with all your label and ribbon needs. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality thermal, inkjet, and digital labeling products. Our label and ribbon experts and application specialists stand ready to react to all your challenging applications and deadlines.

At Flash4, we’re more than just a label manufacturing company. We’re a big family with the goal of proving that we can provide the total package of industry leading service, quality, pricing and loyalty to our customers. Our partners know that our priority is to protect their business interests and meet all their needs. Want to learn a little bit more about us? Have a look....