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  • Meet Our Team

    Our goal has always been to create a company with strong morals and caring employees that serve our customers and community. Flash4 has been delivering results for over 25 years. We have a team of highly skilled individuals who have been encouraged to cultivate their unique talents. This has allowed us to successfully transition into a group of trusted experts in marketing, operations and supply chain solutions. Our team is committed to creating and implementing effective strategies. We aim to incorporate the latest technology to improve both our own and your business.

  • Dino

    Dino Valentino
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Team Member since 1998

  • Kelly

    Kelly Valentino
    Chief Financial Officer

    Team Member since 1998

  • John Bolger

    John Bolger
    Training, Scheduling & Safety Coordinator

    Team Member since 2011

  • Miranda Cooper

    Miranda Cooper
    Purchasing & Office Manager

    Team Member since 2008

  • Monica Dykstra

    Monica Dykstra
    Customer Care Associate

    Team Member since 2002

  • Sharl Gearing

    Sharl Gearing
    Office Assistant

    Team Member since 2021

  • David Gunderson

    David Gunderson
    Operational Lead

    Team Member since 2022

  • Kevin Kast

    Kevin Kast
    Operational Lead

    Team Member since 2023

  • Rhonda Lange

    Rhonda Lange
    Shipping Coordinator

    Team Member since 2021

  • Troy Rave

    Troy Rave
    Operational Lead

    Team Member since 2020

  • Tucker Rockwell

    Tucker Rockwell
    Operations & Maintenance Manager

    Team Member since 2020

  • Lindsey Sipple

    Lindsey Sipple
    Primary Customer Manager

    Team Member since 2020

  • Karena Smothers

    Karena Smothers
    Shipping & Rewind Coordinator

    Team Member since 2020

  • Mason Wall

    Mason Wall
    Operations Coordinator

    Team Member since 2022

  • Bobbi Wyss

    Bobbi Wyss
    Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

    Team Member since 2023

  • Jessica Zeman

    Jessica Zeman
    Sales & Service Associate

    Team Member since 2005