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Flash4 Purchases 17" Mark Andy 2200 - 2 Color Flexo Press

  • What is Flexographic Printing?

    Flexographic printing is a method used commonly for the printing of virtually any flexible material. Using a technique similar to that of the old-fashioned letterpress, the flexographic printing process consists of photopolymer printing plates and the rotating cylinders of a web press. These photopolymer plates are inked with raised images that then quickly rotate to transfer the imprint of the raised image onto the desired material.

    What are the advantages of Flexographic Printing?

    The main advantage to flexographic printing is essentially the efficiency at which the printing process occurs. Not only do these machines run at top speeds, but they also allow you to produce large orders without constant interruptions. More suited for projects that are longer to run, these machines are able to print on virtually any flexible material, absorbent or non-absorbent. In short, the advantages of flexographic printing are:


    • Top speed printing ability

    • Ability to print on a variety of materials

    • Low maintenance

    • Great for long-run projects with little interruptions

    • Little waste

    • Includes processes of printing, laminating & die-cutting in a single run

    Although flexographic printing reaps many benefits, the cost of the photopolymer printing plates can run quite high. Because of this, taking advantage of a label manufacturer for specific label reselling needs can be highly cost-effective. With Flash 4’s recent purchase of the 17’ Mark Andy 2200 - 2 Color Flexo Press, we’ll be able to do all the hard work for you.

    What are the best uses for Flexographic Printing?

    With the flexibility to print on a variety of different mediums, flexographic printing is most commonly made for creating:

    • Flexible product packaging

    • Tags and tickets

    • Business forms

    • Wallpaper

    • Gift wrapping paper

    What does our new technology mean for your business?

    With the popularity of flexographic printing on the rise, Flash 4 offers a wide selection of flexo labels that are best compatible with this rapid speed label-printing process. Since flexographic printing is often used in high quantities, it’s important to choose a label distributor that offers great prices while still providing the utmost quality. With Flash 4 on your side, you’ll never have to worry about compromising quality for an affordable price. Think it’s too good to be true? We’ll send you a custom quote and give you an accurate estimate of your expected price. Email or fax a quote form today!

    With Flash 4’s Flexographic printing qualities, you now get:

    • Low prices on high-quality labels

    • A trusted partner with years of industry experience

    • A wider variety of materials to work with

    Mark Andy 2200 Flexo Press Features:

    • Ability to self-align and track for quicker job setup and cleanup

    • Cooler operation with 32-inch air clutch driven waste matrix

    • Closed-loop control

    • 40-inch rewind featuring taper tension control for consistent tension

Flexo Specs