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Flash4 Manufacturing Purchases RotoFlex DLI High Speed Blank Die Cutter

The Rotoflex DLI offers a top-of-the-line die cutting platform. The exclusive Premium Die Station promises high-speed precision, faster operating speeds and increased flexibility for many finishing processes. Powered by the exclusive URC 2.0 control system and incorporating eDrive 2.0 technology, the Rotoflex DLI offers precise modular die cutting for a variety of materials.

  • Blank Labels for Your Business

    For label resellers, finding high-quality blank labels can make or break the entire label-making process. Here at Flash4, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality labels for distributors at the best possible prices. We understand that having the right blank labels for resellers is an absolute necessity, and we believe in only offering fair prices for the label supplies you need to succeed.

    Whether you’re looking for blank thermal transfer labels or direct thermal transfer labels, we offer custom label quotes to give you an accurate estimate on your expected cost to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting.

    What are die-cut labels?

    The term “die” is used to describe a very thin metal blade that is used to create these precise cuts. The die-cutting process ensures a beautiful, clean and custom cut label through an intricate process that requires precision and high-level technology. Not only does the machinery you use have to cut through the paper, but it also has to ensure that it doesn’t tear through the backing of the paper. With such a thin piece of material to work with, this is not an easy process to undergo.

    Utilizing metal die tools that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, die-cutting machinery is used to speed up the process of producing a beautiful label.

    What does our new technology mean for your business?

    With our new RotoFlex DLI High-Speed Blank Die Cutter, we’re now able to bring you custom-cut labels with increased accuracy and speed while also reducing our carbon footprint. With the ability to create custom label cuts, our blank labels are great for:

    • Food & beverage industries

    • Health & beauty products

    • Promotional labels

    RotoFlex DLI Features:

    New technology for Flash4 means more pros for your label business! The unique features of our machinery mean more benefits for you. Here are some of the capabilities our RotoFlex DLI has:

    • Efficient power usage

    • 2 servo-driven die stations for die-cutting and perforating

    • Increased speed and control during acceleration & deceleration

    • Auto length detection for repeat labels

    • Built-in Report Management System

    • Multi-lane label counting capabilities

Rotoflex DLI 500