Flash4 Freight Announcement

Dear Flash4 Customer:

Freight charges and carrier issues continue to be the root of many issues in the industry today. As many freight carriers try to cut corners in how they carry their loads, the damage of materials in transit is on the rise.

Flash4 follows the industry standard in transferring goods to its customers when those materials leave our shipping department. At that point the responsibility of any shipped product lies with the receiving party. It is the responsibility of your receiving department to note any damage or discrepancy on the carriers receiving documents. Once your receiving department has signed for a shipment without noting damages, your chances of receiving any damage claims drastically decreases. 

Flash4 is willing and ready to assist you in retrieving the maximum amount of return from carriers for any damaged incurred in transit, but we need your help in doing so. Under no circumstances will we be able to absorb any cost or recovery of damaged goods if nothing has been noted on the receiving documents.

To ensure that there is minimal loss associated with poor carrier performance, we need you to understand:

Your ability to receive reimbursement from Flash4 for any in-transit damage will be dependent on your personnel/Receiving Department and their thorough inspection of any damage to the shipment noted in writing on the receiving documents signed and delivered to the freight carrier’s driver.

We also strongly encourage but do not require documentation by form of photograph as this adds another layer of documentation which helps to increase your odds of a full and fair compensation.

We very much appreciate your business as well as your assistance in solving this matter.


Dino Valentino
President, Flash4