Our Story

Flash4 is a label converting company that started in 1998. It was designed specifically to assist and commit its work to helping label resellers grow and maintain their business. Our customer base exists exclusively of companies who resell label and ribbon products. Whether your focus is on the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, industrial, packaging, printing, or converting markets, our experienced application specialists are here to help you succeed. At Flash4, you'll always speak with a real person that is knowledgeable and ready to assist, not a voice answering system. We understand that you are busy and your time is extremely valuable. Whether we are providing pricing, consulting on application recommendations, or filling and updating you on your orders, we will move quickly and effectively for you.

Flash 4 also understands the challenges our resellers have begun to face and has adapted to directly address these issues. You have shared a growing concern over online direct label sales and other label converters selling labels direct to your customers. Customers that you have put in the time and effort developing label programs, supplying hardware and equipment, and providing service for. Flash4’s goal is to provide our resellers with the pricing, service, quality and support they need to stay ahead of these direct competitors. We have and always will be loyal to our resellers. Why bother with the “other guys” who aren’t looking out for your best interests? At the end of the day, we are here to protect your business interests. Give us a call or shoot us an email today, let’s build a relationship of success and loyalty together.

Our Values

1 Loyalty

The quality of being true and constant to someone or something.

2 Relationship

Our relationships are built over time, through a commitment of complete care.

3 Commitment

We commit our resources, knowledge, and performance to your success.